Strawberry & Lily (Comfort Fabric Conditioner Inspired) Sample Pot

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Our Strawberry & Lily allows you to enjoy the scent of fresh laundry without having to do any folding or ironing! With top notes of strawberry and citrus zest and middle notes of Lily, jasmine & violet leaf, this scent is completed with hints of cedar, amber and vanilla bean. 

How to use them - Simply empty the whole pot into your burner or cut the wax in half (depending on the size of your wax burner) & wait for the wax to melt & fill your home with the high quality fragrance.

To remove your wax from the burner, light the tea light for around 1 minute so the bowl begins to warm and the wax should just slide out, and wipe your bowl down. Otherwise you can soak up the wax using a tissue or cotton pad. 

Colours may vary.


Contains amyl cinnamic aldehyde, hexyl cinnamic aldehyde, ptert-butyl-alpha-methylhydrocinnamic aldehyde, heliotropin, ISO E SUPER, Ligustral, METHYL CINNAMATE. May produce an allergic reaction.