How to use wax melts

Our wax melts are simple & easy to use!, even if you have never used them before!

Wax melts-

Place two of our wax melts onto your burner place a tea light into your burner and light. Allow 5-10 minutes for your melts to completely melt and wait for the aromas to fill the room.

Wax bars-

Snap 2 cubes of your snap bar and place in the well of your burner, light a tealight and place inside the burner. As soon as you light the tea light the wax should begin to melt, please allow 5-10 minutes for the wax to completely melt. Glass wax burners may melt the wax a lot quicker than ceramic wax burners. 

Do NOT leave your tea light to burn for any longer than 4 hours. (Of course this will be hard as our melts will smell incredible for the whole duration of it burning😬 but this is a health and safety precaution). We strongly advise you to not use an 8 hour tea light as this may provide poor scent throw and pose as a potential fire hazard. 

Do not leave a lit burner unattended at any time. Do not move the burner whilst lit. 

How to remove the wax from your burner-

When removing the wax from your burner please take precaution when doing so to prevent your burner from damaging/ cracking. To remove your wax simply light your tea light for long enough to just warm the bottom of the bowl up & the wax should just slide right out. Alternatively leave the wax to melt completely and use some cotton wool or tissue to soak up the wax, wipe the burner down and add your new melt! We strongly advise to not use a knife or any sharp object which could cause any damage to your burner. 

* Please note that if you are using an electric wax burner/ melter, it may take longer for your wax to melt depending on the strength/ wattage of the bulb.