Strawberries & Cream Wax Melts

Strawberries & Cream Wax Melts

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Our Strawberries & Cream offers a classic combination of rich, indulgent and delicious scents that smell good enough to eat! With creamy & milky undertones, this scent will fill your room with a warm & sweet scent. 

How to use our wax melts-
Our wax melts are easy to use, simply put one or two hearts into your burner and keep remelting until either the scent starts to disappear or when you just fancy a change!

To remove your wax from the burner, light the tea light for around 1 minute so the bowl begins to warm and the wax should just slide out, and wipe your bowl down. Alternatively you can soak up the wax using a tissue or cotton pad. 

One pack contains 5 wax melts.
Colours may vary.

Two of our wax melts should typically give 10-14 hours of scent.

Contains DIMETHYLHYDROXY FURANONE. May produce an allergic reaction.